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A slab leak is one of the most difficult plumbing problems to detect and one that requires immediate attention and care. Evergreen Plumbing & Mechanical are here to help. Backed by nearly 20 years of experience, our Salem, Oregon plumbing company provides slab lead detection and repair services for homes and businesses. We understand the stress that accompanies unexpected plumbing problems and are here to provide your home or business with the plumbing services it needs.

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How to Tell if You Have a Slab Leak

Many homes in Salem are built on a slab foundation rather than having basements or crawl spaces underneath them. Our plumbing systems are directly underneath our homes without a buffer between the foundations of our home and the earth. Because of this, plumbing leaks have a high chance of seeping into the foundation slab causing a plumbing nightmare. With slab leaks, early detection is imperative to save you time, money, and protect your home.

Some common signs of slab leaks include:

  • Spike in water bill - if you have noticed a sudden spike in your home's water bill this could be a sign of a wide range of plumbing problems. Keep an eye out for the additional indicators in this list to help you rule a slab leak out or in. 
  • Water damage - water damage is another indication of a slab leak that could also be caused by a variety of other plumbing issues. If you notice water damage in your home you may have a slab leak depending on what other symptoms are present. 
  • Yard puddles - if you notice standing water, muddy puddles, or moss growth in your home's yard and you have not been over-watering your lawn, a slab leak is likely the culprit. 
  • Cracked slabs - you may be dealing with a slab leak if your ceiling, walls, floors, or any part of your slab foundation has a crack in it. 
  • Floor hot spots - one of the key indications that your home is dealing with a slab leak is warm spots in the flooring of your home or increased humidity levels in certain rooms. This is because when slab leaks occur in hot water lines it can cause the hot water to build up and transfer to other areas of your home. 

Take Action. Fix Slab Leaks Today.

Don't let the leak continue to cause detrimental damage to your school, apartment, business, or home. Slab leaks can damage your home’s foundation and cause thousands of dollars in repairs if left untreated. Leaking slabs can also lead to health concerns like respiratory problems from mold growth.

We take care of all your plumbing needs. Our professional plumbers will evaluate the situation and suggest any essential repairs that will help restore your home or business’ structural integrity. Once the leak has been detected, additional repair options may be needed. We specialize in extensive plumbing services that range from re-piping to pipe relining for both residential and commercial units. Evergreen Plumbing & Mechanical offers slab leak repairs, emergency service, and more to the Salem community

Call us as soon as possible to repair any slab leaks! Get in touch with one of our plumbers for your quote at (503) 714-7004!

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  • “Immediate call back, scheduled for the next day, arrived early, diagnosed problem accurately, fixed it on the spot, had the part needed in his van, fixed another problem, checked my water pressure, excellent service!!!”

    Edie B.

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