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Salem Toilet Repair & Replacement

Let Us Handle All Your Toilet Issues & Concerns

Your toilet is a crucial component in your bathroom, often overlooked until issues arise. Picture a scenario where your toilet malfunctions or stops working entirely. That's when stress sets in. However, our dedicated Salem team at Evergreen Plumbing & Mechanical can provide quality assistance. 

We take pride in being a full-service plumbing company with a highly skilled team capable of confidently and efficiently handling a wide range of toilet-related problems. Rest assured, your plumbing concerns are in good hands with us.

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Common Toilet Problems

There are a variety of problems that can arise with toilets, such as cracks, strange noises, clogs, flushing problems, too high or low water levels, and flapper or valve issues . These problems can be bothersome and disrupt your daily routine. That's why it's imperative you watch for any signs of a problem.

Signs You Need to Repair Your Toilet:

  • Persistent and unexplained water leakage around the base of the toilet. This could be indicative of a worn-out wax ring or a faulty seal, leading to water escaping during flushing. 
  • If you notice a constant, subtle hissing sound from the toilet, it may suggest a problem with the fill valve, which can lead to water wastage and increased utility bills over time. 
  • A slow or weak flush, implying a potential issue with the flush valve, clog in the drain, or problems with the flushing mechanism.
  • A continuously running toilet, where water keeps flowing into the bowl even when not in use. This might be attributed to a malfunctioning flapper valve or an imbalanced float, causing water to run constantly and contributing to water wastage. 
  • You observe water pooling around the floor whenever you flush, which could signal a cracked tank or bowl.

Promptly addressing these signs of toilet trouble is essential to prevent water damage and maintain the efficiency of your plumbing system. If you notice any of these signs, it's advisable to seek professional assistance from our Salem toilet repair pros to diagnose and fix the underlying issues promptly.

How to Prevent Toilet Issues

While watching for any signs of toilet trouble is crucial, there are also steps Salem homeowners can take to help prevent future issues. 

Here are some tips to help you prevent and catch potential problems:

  1. Be Mindful of What You Flush: Only flush toilet paper and human waste down the toilet. Items like wipes, cotton balls, and hygiene products should be disposed of in the trash to avoid blockages.
  2. Check for Toilet Leaks: To detect toilet tank leaks, place a few drops of food coloring in the tank. If the water in the bowl changes color without flushing, you have a leak. Promptly repair any leaking toilet components, such as the flapper or fill valve.

If you are facing any sort of problem or concern with your toilet, whether it's a minor inconvenience or a major issue, don't hesitate to reach out to our experienced team. We offer quality toilet repair and replacement services to get your bathroom functioning smoothly and efficiently. Contact us for help!

Call (503) 714-7004or contact us online to schedule your toilet repair in Salem today! 

How Do You Fix a Toilet That Keeps Clogging?

If you're dealing with a toilet that keeps clogging, there are several measures you can take to fix the problem. 

  1. Use a plunger to try and clear any blockages in the pipes. 
  2. If that doesn't work, you may need a plumbing snake or a closet auger. 
  3. If the clog is still stubborn, it may be time to call a professional. 

If the clog still hasn’t budged, it may be time to call a Salem clogged toilet repair professional. Our Evergreen Plumbing & Mechanical professionals offer expert plumbing services, including toilet repairs and unclogging.

Signs You Need a New Toilet

There are several key signs that indicate you may need to replace your toilet. Typically, toilets need replacing every 10 to 15 years due to wear and tear.

Signs you may need a new toilet include:

  • Cracks in the tank
  • Unsteady toilet
  • Constant repairs
  • Frequent clogs
  • Leaks
  • Old age

If you notice any of these signs, don't hesitate to get in touch with our experienced Salem toilet replacement team today. We can conduct a thorough examination of your toilet to assess whether it requires repairs or a complete replacement.

Toilet Maintenance: Tips to Keep it Working

There are several simple yet effective actions you can take to keep your toilet functioning and minimize issues.

Tips for maintaining your toilet:

  • Check for leaks: Be sure to check for toilet leaks regularly. If you notice wet areas around the toilet, be sure to call a plumber for help.
  • Proper disposal: Only flush human waste and toilet paper down your toilets. Don’t flush feminine products, paper towels, cotton balls, etc., as these items can clog your toilet.
  • Clean regularly: Be sure to clean your toilet on a regular basis. This can help avoid clogs and leave your toilet squeaky clean.
  • Avoid harsh chemicals: Try to avoid harsh chemical clog removers. While they work, they can be hard on your plumbing and cause pipes to break down over time. Instead, opt for gentle cleaners.
  • Inspections: Be sure to schedule regular plumbing inspections. During these appointments, a plumber can find potential issues before they worsen.

Call (503) 714-7004or contact us online to schedule your toilet repair in Salem today! 

Toilet Problems? Contact Us

A toilet that doesn’t flush can be frustrating. Even worse is the possibility of water rising in the bowl and spilling onto the floor. Dealing with unexpected toilet emergencies can be messy, time-consuming, and a sign of larger problems. What appears to be minor could be a warning sign to sewer line issues or corroded pipes. Another common issue is mineral buildup when hard water leaves behind a residue that affects your toilet’s usability.

We have the experience to diagnose issues quickly and provide cost-worthy and effective services, including, but not limited to:

  • Snaking or hydro-jetting stubborn clogs
  • Fixing flappers
  • Repairing flush or fill valves
  • Replacing leaking wax rings
  • Replacing cracked or broken toilets
  • Ensuring proper toilet performance

Whether your toilet won’t flush, the toilet keeps running, you experience stubborn clogs, the tank won’t fill, or a variety of other issues, Evergreen Plumbing & Mechanical LLC offers toilet repair solutions throughout Salem and beyond for problems of every size.

Upgrade to a High-Efficiency Water-Saving Toilet

If you're experiencing frequent toilet issues or simply want to reduce water consumption in your home, it may be time to upgrade to a high-efficiency water-saving toilet. Our team at Evergreen Plumbing & Mechanical LLC can help you select and install a new toilet that not only saves water, but also performs reliably for years to come.

Benefits of a high-efficiency water-saving toilet include:

  • Significant water savings
  • Reduced water bills
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Improved flushing performance
  • Enhanced bathroom aesthetics

Upgrade to a modern, efficient toilet today and start enjoying the benefits of water savings and reliable performance in your home.

How Our Team Can Help  

Evergreen Plumbing & Mechanical LLC is a family-owned company who puts our customers’ satisfaction at the forefront of our services. Our friendly team has families, we own homes, and we understand the stress a plumbing problem can cause. That’s why we offer comprehensive service solutions at prices that won’t break the bank. We have provided reliable Salem plumbing services to both residential and commercial properties since 2010.

Our plumbers offer our customers upfront and honest estimates, along with financing options, to get a thorough understanding of our services before committing. Our technicians are licensed and insured and provide top quality workmanship in all services we handle.

If your toilet is in need of attention, contact Evergreen Plumbing & Mechanical LLC in Salem at (503) 714-7004!

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