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Here's What You Shouldn't Put Down Your Sink

Evergreen Plumbing & Mechanical

As a rule of thumb, it's important to avoid flushing anything with high levels of fat down a sink, including grease, oil, butter, or any other type of fat. When fat gets flushed down the sink, it often ends up clumping to the interior of a home's plumbing. Over time, this fat build-up can act like glue. Anything flushed down the kitchen sink will adhere to this clump of fat. Over time, this can lead to a full blockage of a home's pipes.

In the event a sink is clogged due to grease, it's usually possible to clear a blockage through the use of corrosive drain cleaner. These work by dissolving fatty deposits that build up inside the plumbing. In most cases, drain cleaners contain a chemical known as sodium hydroxide. Sodium hydroxide has a very basic pH, which helps it dissolve biomass very easily. If a blockage can't be cleared with a drain cleaner product, hire a professional plumber.

In addition to fat and grease,avoid flushing bones down a garbage disposal or sink. Since bones are made of a calcium complex, they won't dissolve over time like other food products, even with the help of a drain cleaner. If a chicken bone gets lodged inside the U bend of a sink, it can catch all other debris that is flushed down a sink. Over time, this can lead to a fully clogged sink.

Did something go down that drain that wasn't supposed to? Contact Evergreen Plumbing & Mechanical. They'll have your kitchen sink working again quickly.